Atty. Alejandro Jose C. Pallugna has been in the practice of law in the Philippines for over fifteen years. He was once a Senior Executive Adviser to the Philippine Commissioner of Immigration. He has his law office based in Cagayan de Oro City and had been assisting foreigners in their immigration legal problems.

Atty. Pallugna also renders legal services in family law, inter-country adoption, family law, support, annulment of marriage, authority of travel of minors, separation of property, presumptive death, settlement of estate of deceased persons, settlement of estates, estate taxes, liquidations of partnerships and corporations,inter-country marriages, and a host of other legal services.

His law firm also does incorporations of corporations and partnerships and sole proprietorships with foreigners as parties to the legal entities.

In terms of immigration law like visa entries, extensions of visa, conversions of visa and other related legal services.

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